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Our Services

Our Services


If you put the time and dedication into what drives you, it deserves to get noticed.  We strive to get to the heart of your passion and share that with your audience.  Time and research bear out that best way to make your message contagious is with the help of a little movie magic.  


With strong experience in broadcast television documentaries, Readily Apparent has worked on every facet of documentary filmmaking.  Pre-pro to finishing and everything in between, RA has you covered.  Currently, the team is working on The Shake-Up, which focuses on the New Mexico Behavioral Health Crisis.  More details to come...


With extensive production and post-production work under our belts, we are happy to help out with any project you have underway.  


Need a kit to get your production started?  We can equip you with professional gear that will give your footage a high-end look.  Contact us for a quote.