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Current Projects

Made in partnership with the Onondaga Historical AssociationLet 'Em Know You're There is a short documentary about Jim Tucker, a former NBA player who has held the record for fastest triple-double for the past 60 years. Featuring animation that depicts a vibrant, unforgettable evening in the 1950s, the film uses Jim's record as a lens into a remarkable life outside of basketball and his current battle with Alzheimer's.

The Shake-Up.png

The Shake-Up is a nonprofit short documentary about mental healthcare in New Mexico being made in partnership with the New Mexico Community Foundation. In 2013, the local government accused 15 Medicaid behavioral health providers of fraud and froze their state funding. Years later, they have all been cleared, but many have gone out of business, and thousands of patients have had crucial services disrupted as a result. This documentary aims to explain both the cause and consequences of these events. The film is currently open for charitable contributions at New Mexico Community Foundation's website. Click here to donate (please make sure to select "Shake Up Fund" from the designation tab).